Our Approach

Early Years Centre is a preschool with a difference where every child is considered precious. We understand each child is special and treat each child’s needs with patience and perseverance. Early Years Centre’s childcare activities use the Multiple Intelligence theory to discern and nurture the genius in every child. At Early Years Centre we focus beyond just building intelligences, we think it is more essential to discover and channelize the inherent potential of every child. All the activities of the playschool provide children the opportunity to explore and experience the world in their own way.

Early Years Centre believes that there is nothing more important for a child than awareness of their own personality and feeling positively about it. Once a child feels comfortable and learns to associate themselves with their surrounding, learning becomes a natural process. At Early Years Centre we offer safe and meaningful day care activities. We provide children with the opportunity to enjoy special sports activities. The special sports curriculum instills sporting spirit, ability to face and tackle challenges from a very tender age. In addition to this it also improves their physical fitness and mental activeness.


• Education curriculum that caters to children between 2.5 years to 5.6 years

• An innovative curriculum that incorporates the Theory and Practice of Multiple Intelligence¬†

• Value based education focused on Indian culture and ethos

• Multiple opportunities to discover and learn about the world around them

• Circle time to share ideas and experiences, a thought provoking period of reflection and learning

• Interactive English and Math lab as an extended classroom

• Our classes are small with not more than 15 children per class. This helps our teachers to provide personalized attention and support to every child

• Thematic day celebrations to provide each child an opportunity to celebrate various festivals

• Experiential learning through field trips


• Nutritious and well balanced breakfast and lunch

• Extended day care* providing quality day care beyond regular school timings

• Secure transportation facility under vigilant supervision

• Toys for constructive and imaginative play, large and fine motor skill development

• Classroom equipped with projector and screen to incorporate visual aids for teaching

• Indoor & outdoor play area