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Indian Express, 19 April 2018

Sanjana Merlecha, Director at Early Years Centre at Jain Group of Institutions talks about Teaching Methodology

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Academic year 2015-16 dawns upon EYC-DC

Second academic year dawns upon EYC-DC on 27th May 2015, when the 1st batch of Pre-Fundamentals children were welcomed.

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Motor skills development

Motor skills development is important for every young child. An adventurous attempt by applying the gross motor skills.

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Pre Fundamentals
(2.6 - 3.6 yrs)

The Early Years Centre’s Pre Fundamentals curriculum moulds to perfection the inner strengths of your child. We bring forth your child’s innate gifts, thus transforming them into dynamic bundles of talent.

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Basic Fundamentals
(3.6 - 4.6 yrs)

Children of Basic Fundamentals get promoted to Advanced Fundamentals. With the advancement in class there is also improvement in the way children use language to express their feelings.

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Advanced Fundamentals
(5.6 - 5.6 yrs)

This is the time when children refine and polish all the skills they acquired in the earlier years. In the Advanced Fundamentals level children become better readers, can write meaningful sentences, inquire and discover their surroundings independently.

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