Early Years Centre focuses on native potential of each child. The day care activities of the preschool are centred at creating a unique blend of capabilities and skills (intelligences) in the children. The preschool uses Professor Howard Garner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence as its curriculum framework. Through Multiple Intelligence theory, Early Years Centre tries to understand “overall personality, preferences and strengths” of each child. Leading developmental psychologist Harvard Professor Howard Gardner proposes that there in not one thing called intelligence, but rather several different types of intelligence that work together. Early Years Centre adopts theory of Multiple Intelligence to recognize and structure the inherent abilities of each child.

Every child is gifted with all the 8 Multiple Intelligences but the extent of specialisation in each skill varies. Gardner’s theory encourages asking "How is my child smart?" rather than "How smart is my child?". At Early Years Centre we give special attention to the innate “Human Potential”. We identify the MIs in which a child exhibits interest and skills, and provide further opportunities to excel in them. While nurturing the stronger skill sets of each child, Early Years Centre also gives importance and time, patiently fostering the skills sets of the child that needs attention and needs to be strengthened.

Word Smart 
Sharpen verbal skills and response to the sounds, meanings and rhythms of words

Math Smart
Sharpen logical thinking and the ability to calculate, and capacity to detect logical and numerical patterns

Spatial-Visually Smart
Nurture the capacity to imagine ideas in terms of images and pictures, to visualize accurately drawing, designing and building.

Bodily Smart 
Sharpen ability to control one’s body movements and to handle objects skilfully

Music Smart
Help in increasing ability to produce and appreciate rhythm, pitch and timber through singing and making music

People Smart
Sharpen capacity to detect and respond appropriately to the moods, motivations and desires of other people

Intrapersonal Smart
Nurture the ability to be self-aware and in tune with inner feelings, values, beliefs and thinking processes

Nature Smart 
Increase the ability to recognize and categorize plants, animals and other objects in nature 

Spell Genie *
Spell Genie is a creative approach to learning and understanding of English alphabet and their sounds. It is said that Africans are to Marathon running so are Indians to Marathon spelling! The program is designed to develop spelling skill at a basic level with activities crafted to suit every child’s learning style. This programme is also a confidence booster. At Early Year Center, we strongly believe that along with numeracy our children should acquire spelling literacy in equal measure.

i-Maths *
Mathematics helps children make sense of the world around them and find meaning in the physical world. Through mathematics, children learn to understand their world in terms of numbers and shapes. They learn to reason, to connect ideas, and to think logically. Mathematics is more than the rules and operations we learnt in school. It is about connections and seeing relationships in everything we do.

i-Maths sessions helps children to develop critical & creative thinking. It encourages children to ask questions. I-Maths has provided a complete and specially designed set of learning materials to complement the learning process.

* Early Years Center, Dollars Colony strives to provide an innovative and conducive learning environment to the tiny tots. In this regard it has introduced Spell Genie as a bilateral approach to learning literary skill and i-math for understanding the basic concepts of Mathematics through practical and creative approach.