Activities at EYC, Dollars Colony

Early Years Centre, Dollars Colony organizes many events for its toddlers to mould their creative skills, build their personality at budding level and have constant relationship with parents about the progress of their little ones.

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Motor skills development is important for every young child. An adventurous attempt by applying the gross motor skills.



A sense of achievement prevails amongst children as they complete an activity in i-Math session which enables a sound understanding of face value & place value.



Ushering in the Christmas season with clay modelling competition which was given a colourful finishing touch unleashing children’s tactile skill. Preparation in full swing for welcoming Lord Jesus and the child friendly Santa Claus.



All set for ‘Dandiya’ performance to mark the ‘Navarathri’ celebration.



Divine glory as a backdrop for ‘Janam Ashtami’ gathering. This event brought awareness among the children about traditional customs.



‘The Historical Parade’, a fancy dress competition organized with historical personalities as a theme for observance of Independence Day.



A rendezvous with nature. Children are all smile exploring the greenery and trying to understand the importance of green life.

Finding answers on what does it take to nurture plants for a greener future?

First on-hand experience in organic farming. An earthy feel!!



Getting familiar with old styled construction of a house made of only clay & bamboo sticks and its benefit for a healthy living which is a contrast to the modern dwellings.

Earth pigments being mixed for lime wash of the earthy house.



Spell Genie session in progress. An unconventional approach to introduce spellings.


Melodious Moments

Academic year 2015-16 saw its first competition titled “Melodious Moments” go on the floor. 'Melodious Moments' was organised for rhymes singing competition wherein participants had to sing two rhymes, one in English and the other in regional language. Two parents were invited to judge the competition.


Academic year 2015-16 dawns upon EYC-DC

Second academic year dawns upon EYC-DC on 27th May 2015, when the 1st batch of Pre-Fundamentals children were welcomed. The new academic year started with a bang with all Zest and Zeal charging up the centre.



The summer camp successfully held from 30th March 2014- 15th April 2014. Jamboree, which means a noisy party, totally justified the structured programme of the summer camp. The highlights were; Treasure Hunt, playing snake and ladder, musical chair, picking up story telling skill with a prop, art and craft work. It was a three hour package for 15 working days which created an ambience for informal learning and skill development.


Christmas Celebration - DEC 2014

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. The tiny tots of EYC, dollars colony centre celebrated Christmas with a great festive spirit at the school premises on 20 December 2014. The children sang in very festive mood "Jingle Bells" and danced to the numbers like "We wish you a Merry Christmas" etc. Santa too made a grand entry in the school. The delight was uncontained especially as he brought out the gifts!


Special events - Oct 2014

Helper's day is an opportunity to pay tribute to the men and women who work in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions, dedicating their work and their lives to the service of humanity. This wonderful day will be celebrated by our Early Years Centre.

Lets welcome the festival of lights
With Deepavali round the corner , our EYC centre is holding a raft of activities to celebrate the festival. Deepavali spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. This festival is always celebrated in our school with a lot of enthusiasm and pomp.


Classroom Activity - Sep 2014

The students of EYC are deeply engrossed in making a postbox which is a part of their classroom activity. Such practical activities spark young minds and fill the classrooms with fun and excitement.

Explore and learn - Field trip

Field trips give an opportunity for kids to move around during school hours instead of being stuck in one place in the classrooms the whole day. Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the children of EYC will be taken for a field trip during school hours to the nearby places on 19 September 2014 (Friday). Kindly put up a reminder, so that your kids are ready for the trip.

Fun Filled Eve

Fancy dress is always a special and a memorable event for your kids. They learn to relate with the characters and learn faster. Dress your kid like people who help us (E.g.: Doctor, Postman, Police etc.) on 22 September (Monday) and teach the child to speak a few words on the same.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

EYC, Shantinagar centre celebrated Krishna Janmashtami with great pomp and show. Children dressed themselves as Radha and Krishna with flute in their hand. The little Nandh Gopal and Radhas were told about Lord Krishna and the importance of the festival. There was a small pooja conducted in the centre followed by Aarti. Children were very happy and very anxious to break the pot which was decorated and filled with chocolates. They tasted the butter and enjoyed the festival happily.

Independence Day Celebration

EYC celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm on 14 August 2014. The celebration was marked by hoisting the flag, decorating the school with tri colour papers and flags. In the special assembly Students sang National Anthem, patriotic song like “sare jahan se accha” and “hum honge kamyab”. On this day “Fancy Dress competition” was held for children as they dressed as one of the patriotic leader and spoke some words about them.

Student evaluation report

Student evaluation report on performance and progress of the children in school.

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Special Events for the Month of August - 2014

The early year tots of JHS EYC, Shantinagar will celebrate a bunch of special events in the month of August.


Activities for the month of June-2014

Early Years Centre has a whole bunch of activities lined up for the tiny tots for the month of June. The entire set of activities will help kids to learn, explore and have a whole lot of fun.


Green Day

"Go Green" Eco Awareness Program will be celebrated on Monday, 9 June 2014 in acknowledgement of World Environment Day.

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Summer Camp

Jain Heritage School in association with Jump Bunch is organizing Summer Camp for children of age Group 3 to 11 from 3 to 17 of April 2014

at Shanthinagar, R R Nagar & Dollars Colony branches.


Fun Activity

Healthy food is the first requisite of good health. The value of a complete and wholesome diet will be explained through the fun activity of lil-chef activity on Tuesday, 26 November 2013.