Pre Fundamentals 

Age Group: 2.6 years - 3.6 years

The Pre Fundamentals curriculum of Early Years Centre moulds to perfection the inner strengths of your child. We bring forth your child’s innate gifts, helping them transform into dynamic bundles of talent.

Our preschool curriculum involves 6 new learning objectives each week, which include group and individual experiential learning activities and play. Children have freedom to choose any activity of their choice from writing, reading and math centres, dramatic play, building blocks, art activities and motor activities.

We build the knowledge of your child beyond just educating them. We use well known story books with colourful illustrations to retain the attention of children in books. This also makes the colour recognition activity more interesting and enjoyable. All the activities of the preschool are fun and entertaining. We feel that the grasping ability in children increases when they enjoy what they do. Certain fun activities also introduced through use of computers.

Long term projects are steadily integrated into the curriculum. The outdoors gradually becomes an extension of the indoors in learning. Lessons are designed based on learning objectives and carefully developed monthly themes.

We provide an academically rich, developmentally appropriate environment to stimulate and enhance growth of children.

Specific features of this programme:

• Free and confidently expression of thoughts

• Develop knowledge of letters and small words

• Rich vocabulary building exercises and improvement of speech clarity

• Train children to understand words and help them to attempt reading

• Develop interest in books

• Develop ability to think and reason logically

• Recognize patterns, interpretations, number symbols and number values

• Develop basic mathematical vocabulary

• Develop coordination and control of body movements

• Make simple hypothesis and carry out experiments

• Engage in pretend play