About Us

Early Years Centre (EYC) is an initiative of Jain Heritage School to enhance the preschool experience. Jain Heritage School is part of the prestigious Jain Group of institutions. Jain Heritage School’s successful preschool venture of the past has inspired the inception of Early Years Centre. Early Years Centre is a renewed playschool concept; it is the new age preschool where the joy of childhood is cherished. Located in the posh Shanthinagar locality in Bangalore, EYC exhibits the ambience of an international playschool.

The preschools distinctive curriculum integrates the best global preschool practices with Multiple Intelligence theory. We recognize and nurture the special gift that every child possesses and help kids realize their true potential. At Early Years Centre we believe that in the happiness of the heart lies the sharpness of the mind. The playschool offers a special multi-sport start programme that is designed specially for children between 2.5 to 5.6 years.

The preschool’s curriculum consists of three stages: - Pre Fundamentals is for children in the age group of two and half to three and half years, Basic Fundamental focuses on children of three and half to four and half years of age, and Advanced Fundamentals concentrates on caring for children of four and half to five and half years of age. The curriculum of all these stages is set in accordance with international preschool practices. All the programmes of EYC try to provide children with the best co-educational preschool experience in Bangalore.

The childcare activities of the playschool are carefully chalked out to address the special need for attention in children. The activities include indulging kids in activities that they enjoy and feel happy about, these fun filled activities make learning an enjoyable process. At Early Years Centre children bloom in a natural and friendly atmosphere that is liberal, jovial, teaches ethics of respect and instils strong values, Indian cultural morals, encourages curiosity, and awareness about the environment.

Our Philosophy

“Nurturing the natural instincts”, At Early Years Centre we nurture every child’s innate gift of genius and unique abilities that awaits recognition. We wish to realise the true potential of knowledge in kids using the theory of Multiple Intelligences. Through the Early Years Centre chain of preschools we aspire to pioneer a revolution in the preschool model. We want to develop a preschool concept that focuses on discovering the natural instinct of excellence within every child. Early Years Centre hopes to transform the educational approach and hopes to lead the preschool chain in India.