Parent – Teacher Meeting: Parent’s Feedback

Nia’s Parent
The School has a good environment and children enjoy coming to school.

Laksh’s Parent
He is good and energetic all the time. I am happy with the institution.

Safeena Mahrus’s Parent
Very happy to see him improving in many things. I don’t think any other school, would have trained him so well. Thank you teachers.  

K Manasvi’s Parent
Feeling good that I joined my ward in this school. She has improved in her behaviour and activities.  It came as a surprise for me when she asked her dad not to touch her, this was taught by the school after the incident happened in other school. Now I feel that she is more safer.

Sathvik Subbaiah’s Parent
Feeling really good and I am more satisfied about the school as well as the changes in him. We really enjoy when he says rhymes and ABCD songs at home by himself.

Diya Khandelwal’s Parent
I’m very happy that my daughter is looked after very well just like home. She has learned a lot of new rhymes and ABCD etc.

V Lakshmi Diya’s Parent
Nice experience to interact with teachers and staff. My daughter is also very happy in learning many things.

Charvee Jain’s Parent
School has adopted many innovative ways to make children learn and eat nutritious food which is really good. Very enthusiastic place.

M. Chandrajit Simha’s Parent
Very good in studying and colouring. Institution is wise perfect.   I am very happy with the way school is teaching my child. He has explored more than what he was.

G. Shruthika’s Parent
Feel so happy that my daughter is studying in this school. It is very worthy for the child and parent.

Lekhana’s Parent
She comes to school happily. Her learning skills have developed. She has become more responsible and disciplined. She does her home activity very happily. I am really happy with the school’s performance.We are really proud that she knows & sings national anthem nicely. Thanks to staffs and sub staffs.